A comic show, inspired by the show of William Shakespeare

Premiere occurred in Alpha Theater, Tel Aviv, on Feb 22, 2020


Second show would be on March 28, 2020 (Currently would be scheduled on a future date due to the Corona Virus regulations)

Photos from the premiere

Photos from the initial reading and from the rehearsals


Writer: Manuela Lewerth :מחזאית
Director: Houston G. Mack :במאי

Tal Ami - טל עמי
Houston G. Mack
Anna Pogreb
Hallit Sorek
Tal Zirin

StageX - Shakespeare Rewrite Performance, organized by https://www.thestagetlv.com/

Alpha Theater, directions - תאטרון אלפא, הנחיות הגעה

StageX Shakespeare Rewrites, 22/2/2020

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